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Dedicated to supporting our elderly community and their loved ones...

Here at Meadows we understand that showing kindness to others is the most important thing you can do. Isolation within the elderly community is on the increase and, according to Age UK, far too often people are going days, weeks or even one month without seeing a friendly face.

Our service grew at a time when many local community organisations and activity centres faced closure due to budget cuts. As a result, vital social activities were no longer available for the elderly and Meadows recognised the pressing need to provide an exclusive companionship-led service.

We offer a combination of family-feel support sessions and a high level of professionalism which is mirrored within our Management team. Whether you or your loved one requires assistance with tasks such as grocery shopping, company during medical appointments, meal preparation or just someone to have a chat over a cup of tea - we are here for you! 

We all need a little extra support at times and as part of an ageing society it can become essential, however we want these times to not only be helpful, but to be enjoyed as well!


Registered Office:

Somers House

Linkfield Corner 




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