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Care and Support Services
We believe that choice, dignity and respect are key to well-being whilst caring for you at home...

Here at Meadows we offer non-medical, companionship-led support sessions. It is so incredibly important to us that people are given the choice to be able to stay within their home for as long as they are able to. 

The benefits of living at home and receiving support where needed, are huge. It means that clients are surrounded by familiarity which is crucial, especially if there are signs of Dementia or memory loss. It allows the client to be comforted and enables them to be more independent within their home. 

This is why we offer our home-help and companionship service; we want to enable our clients to live their lives in a person centred and independent way which maintains their well-being to the fullest. 

The valuable services that we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Support: We are here to offer companionship and friendship during our sessions, accompanying clients to appointments, recreational support, support in faith commitments and social events.

  • Medication Support: We can assist with the prompting and overseeing of medication administration.

  • Housekeeping: We can help with light housework, changing of bedding, laundry, ironing and any other tasks that may be a little tricky.

  • Gardening: Our Support Workers can offer assistance with light gardening tasks such as weeding/pruning and cutting the grass.

  • Shopping: We can accompany you when food shopping, or complete your shopping for you - whichever you prefer.

  • Prescription Collection: Upon official arrangement we can assist with picking up any medication required.

  • Dog Walking: If you have a little dog that needs walking we will gladly accompany you! We may also be able to walk your dog on your behalf depending on your requirements.

  • Nutritional Support: We can support you to make yourself meals or alternatively cook you nutritious meals that you can enjoy.

  • Hobbies: We will gladly support you in any hobbies that you may have such as reading, walking, singing sessions, gardening - the list is endless!

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Funding your support 

When it comes to funding your support there are several options that are available to you; 
Self funding support at home
This option can be the most straight forward when choosing your care - when you 'self fund' you are able to choose any provider that suits your requirements and meets your care budget. 

Support from charities

There are many charities offering support to people who need social care. Organisations such as Age UK and Mencap do a great job in providing information, support and – in some cases – financial advice.

Government Support

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for government assistance in meeting some, or all, of your care costs.

Health care needs are covered by the NHS.  There are two options generally available to individuals living in care homes. Free Nursing Care (or FNC) is a flat rate contribution that the NHS will pay to a care home or care provider for the cost of delivering nursing support. Continuing Healthcare (or CHC) is generally available only to those with more significant nursing needs and should cover the entire cost of care.  The level of NHS funding is driven by the nature and severity of care needs and will require an NHS assessment to confirm availability. 

Social care is slightly different and may require a contribution, depending on your financial circumstances. You will need to contact your local council who will begin by carrying out a care needs assessment. This will determine whether you are entitled to social care support and if you can be assisted financially.  

We can offer you or your loved one support during the funding process...